My Legal Lifestyle Magazine (a rebrand of the Law & Lifestyle Magazine ) is a new initiative of Dream D’ Diamonds Concept, an outfit which has created a strong impact in the Nigerian media industry since its establishment in 2009.

The magazine is a digital and print quarterly media platform which treats various legal issues that present themselves in our day to day lives as individuals, corporate bodies and organizations.

My Legal Lifestyle Magazine serves as a viable medium for providing credible legal advice which goes an extra mile to provide legal solutions with respect to diverse issues encountered in our typical society.

The colourful pages of our digital and print magazine marries law and the contemporary lifestyle.  It places a focus on legal matters relating to Entertainment, Business, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Financial Technology, Taxation, Matrimonial Causes, Family Law, e.t.c.

It is a very powerful platform for the education, entertainment, information and orientation of our target  audience on a wide range of issues that affect the legal aspects and lifestyle of the Nigerian and African in general.


Our target audience include:

·         The legal minds (including non Lawyers, Lawyers, Law Students, e.t.c)

·         Upwardly Mobile Executives

·         Corporate Personnel

·         The individual in need of credible legal solutions

·         The Individual who has a craving for knowledge acquisition, self development and actualization.


The media for the distribution and sale of My Legal Lifestyle Magazine include:

·         Online  subscription by readers

·         Sale of the print version of the magazine at various bookshops, vendor stands and shopping malls within and outside Nigeria.